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The Real Reason Why Productivity is Low

July 8, 2016
Elaina Cokinos


The Real Reason Why Productivity is Low

Our good friend, Dave Gray is featured in this fascinating article about company culture by Alexander Osterwalder. Oftentimes companies allow culture to “just happen” over time. This lack of care in the culture happens for many reasons. One being that people do not think it is important or necessary to spend time on, and two, fear of open, candid conversations.

In the US, $450 billion to $550 billion is lost in productivity each year. Osterwalder argues that the reason for this staggering statistic is because companies do not focus on their culture. He writes, “We believe the answer is culture—the formal and informal values, behaviors, and beliefs practiced in an organization. Very few companies intentionally work on their culture—in fact, many companies just let culture happen.” Focusing on culture will in the long run will result in the outcome of engaged, and happier employees.

In this article, you’ll find three different exercises you can do with your team to nurture your company culture. A “Culture Map” will open up the conversation in three areas; company outcomes, behaviors, and finding enablers and blockers.

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