Become a Podcast Guest

I think I am a More Human kinda human

Maybe you are like us. Maybe you like humans.

The More Human podcast is intended to share the stories of people who are living out the mission of the Be Human Project: To embolden leaders to experiment with ways to make their businesses and organizations more human.

If you believe you have a story or insights on that topic, we would love to hear from you. To make that connection the most meaningful, we have some guidelines on what makes for a good experience for you, us and the listener.


Here’s what makes for the best experience in being a “More Human” guest:

1. Be intellectually curious. We are not a “Top 5 Ways to Make Your Business More Human” kind of show. So please be willing to delve into what lies beneath your experiences and insights.

2. Understand that being “more human” does not mean “being nice” (or its equivalent). The kind of people that make for the best guests are curious about how to adjust systems and culture to help make business more human.

3. Have narratives and stories that are engaging. While content knowledge is important, the kind of currency that works well for listeners are examples, narratives of when you experimented with making an organization more human.

4. Be prepared to have your ideas challenged. This podcast is meant to gather the best possible insights, so we will often dig into what backs up your ideas — both theory and practice. The questions may communicate a cynicism. And that is part of the design.


So if that is something you still like, please fill out our podcast guest form, and we will be in touch.