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Be Human Salon with Dave Gray

June 24, 2014
Jean Kennedy


Be Human Salon with Dave Gray

What does it mean to be a “connected” company?

We explored this topic at the second Be Human Project Salon at the newly unveiled space of the bigwidesky office in Clayton. The event featured The Connected Company author Dave Gray and was hosted by award winning social media strategist Chris Reimer, proving to be a successful and thought-provoking evening.

Gray engaged in a hosted conversation with Eliot Frick, bigwidesky founder and CEO, and focused on Gray’s belief of a company as a “complex, growing, and connected system,” and how it related to the Be Human Project.

Dave Gray and Eliot Frick
Dave Gray and Eliot Frick discuss The Connected Company

Gray shared his personal experiences with change in the workplace and visually described the difference between the divided company and the connected company. Through his stories, guests were able to learn about great leadership and avoiding the dreaded and soul-crushing “monkey tree.”

What is a “monkey tree” you ask? Watch the video of the second Be Human Project Salon to learn and be sure to watch for our next event in September.