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Yet More Human

August 3, 2018

Yet More Human

More Human: A refreshed podcast with real stories from leaders who are inspiring us to find ways to make business more human.

We at the Be Human Project recently performed an informal and nonscientific research project. And we found that humans are still the beings that lead almost all organizations. And that, generally without exception, these humans are facing a more uncertain and volatile kind of future as they work to build something.

If that circumstance seems valid and if you think you may be one of those humans, we think you will love this new thing we are doing: More Human, a podcast where we share the stories that inspire us to make businesses and organizations more human.

You may recall that this was announced previously. There was already a More Human thing. But this is thing is refreshed. With more stories and even more encouragement for making a business…more human.

Our refreshed show will feature visionaries, authors and leaders that are building innovative things, creating movements and inspiring audiences. In every story, you will hear exactly how our guests are designing solutions to some of our toughest problems by making intentional choices to use human principles.

If that sounds hopelessly academic and abstract, know this: these awesome leaders exist. And their stories are sure to inspire.

The show is set to launch three episodes on August 10th, so subscribe using your favorite podcasting app: iTunes Stitcher Google Play

Every episode will be packed with extra notes and links for you to nerd out. So visit us often. We love humans.

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