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The Hollywood Business Model & Leadership

May 27, 2015
Ben Black


The Hollywood Business Model & Leadership

Leadership in the workplace is changing rapidly. Business methods and management practices of the past are quickly becoming obsolete in our hyper-connected age. Models of thinking, managing and leading will encounter even more disturbances as workforces shift into new technologies and cultures.

Specifically, there is a rise in contract employees today.  According to an article by Fast Company that highlighted a study by the Freelancer’s Union, “One in every three Americans is a freelancer of some sort… [and] expect this figure will increase to 50% by 2020.”

So how will this affect leaders?  With traditional work roles quickly being left behind, there needs to be an effective way to manage a large group of contractors. Fortunately, a model already exists:  The Hollywood Model.

The Hollywood Model in essence applies the business method for how modern movies are made.  You create a large team that temporarily works on a project and the timeline depends on the scope and budget of the work.’s recent article gets into the specifics about how the “Hollywood Model” can be applied to business today.

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