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Shane Perrin: The Return of the Perrin / Part 2 (Ep. 3)

August 10, 2018

Shane Perrin: The Return of the Perrin / Part 2 (Ep. 3)

(Note: This is Part Two. Listen to Part One here.)

After a life-threatening accident leaves Shane unable to take on a new open-water challenge, he begins to battle an alcohol-fueled depression. Feeling he has lost touch with what made him capable of inspiring himself and others, Shane seeks comfort in isolation and the warm glow of Netflix.

Much more daunting than the injury or any race obstacle, this depression has removed his fight. It is not until a pivotal moment with his family that he is able to reach a new understanding of who and what he really is.

After bouncing back, Shane is transparent about his struggles. He finds that others are even more willing to join in with him on his quest to expand the way that water can be experienced. The rewards are beyond what Shane could have imagined. He is expanding the impact he has on the world by using his intuition for placing human principles at the core of building his business.

Who is in this episode:

Shane Perrin, owner of SUP-St. Louis


SUP St. Louis website, Facebook 

Shane Perrin World Record Holder

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