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Shane Perrin: The Grit for Innovation / Part 1 (Ep. 2)

August 10, 2018

Shane Perrin: The Grit for Innovation / Part 1 (Ep. 2)

Shane is a natural visionary within a sport call stand-up paddling. More than ten years ago, the sport was isolated to just a few folks on the coasts. But through his shear grit and determination, he has brought the sport to the Midwest.

Shane is a world-record-holder for the longest distance paddled for 24 hours. He has paddling down rivers, around the Florida Peninsula, over treacherous rapids for hundreds and hundreds of miles. He has toiled in darkness, in the heat and in his basement in the name of carving out a name for his sport and his vision of what that sport could mean.

And all of this toiling has come with a cost. Anyone who has had the grit to grind out something new and anyone who has gone through the trials of creating a following for a vision will love this episode.

Who is in this episode:

Shane Perrin, owner of SUP-St. Louis

What you get out of this story:

  • A human way into innovation.
  • Inspiration for seeing your vision come to life.
  • The basis on which you can align humans into your vision.


SUP St. Louis website, Facebook

Shane Perrin World Record Holder 

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