Business Leadership

Our Work Shapes US

September 11, 2015
Brittany Nanney


Our Work Shapes US

Practical wisdom is missing from our work life. That’s what psychologist Barry Schwartz,  Dorwin Cartwright Professor of social theory and social action at Swarthmore College, believes.

Schwartz explains the relationship between wisdom, work and the institutions that shape them through multiple TED talks, blog posts and books. He frequently publishes editorials in the New York Times applying his research in psychology to current events.

He calls upon leaders to look past the ideas and theories born of the Industrial Revolution. Incentives and rules stifle practical wisdom. And yet, he says, practical wisdom is what creates human-centered work in all levels of society.

Schwartz explains, “The very shape of the institution within which people work creates people who are fitted to the demands of that institution.”

Watch “Our Loss of Wisdom” and “The Way We Think About Work is Broken” to learn more.